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It's not hard to guess from its appearance that it belongs to a lady. While it resembles a cute teddy bear, underestimating it will likely earn you the wrath of its bombardment upon transformation. Bear Form: Fire rapid small missiles from both palms to deal damage in a small area.

Tank Form: Fire slower huge missile to deal damage in a large area. Eldest daughter of the famous Shimizu Family, bound by tradition since birth and yearned for freedom. Skylark is originally the symbol of the Shimizu family, which created this namesake Mecha.

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It is appealing for the combination of traditional Japanese styling and modern technology. The left wing can transform into an attacking bird that also recharges the Lark.

Larks And Lovers And Gourmets

Also figuring in its nimble mobility, then it's almost impossible to defeat this Mecha in a war of attrition. Deacon from a mysterious religious sect who has never unmasked, whose deeds seem to contradict his words. No one knows the origin of Gabriel. Some said it's an alien invention, some claimed an mysterious organization is related, while others touted it as the peak of human intelligence. In any case, its appearance has skewed the level of the competition, by ending enemies with powerful ultra long-ranged attacks before they can even figure out what happened.

Sniper Cannon that channels a lot of energy increases significantly its damage over time.

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Originally a mainstay in the war era, Doomsday has undergone various unique refits in mercenary hands. There are three small Photon Turrets on its back that, when properly positioned, will teach enemies how it got its name. Create a front cone-area Photon Shield to block enemy fire, but allows own shots to pass through. Contact Us : supermechachampions service. Privacy Policy Refund Policy. SMC Pilot!

Larks Fall at Neosho

Download Super Mecha Champions now! For a chance to unlock a super surprise Mecha!

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Battle Range. Armor lv. Gemini Missile Secondary.

Larks And Lovers And Gourmets

Defensive Evasion Tactical. Superleap Jump. Our hosts took the lead after less than ten minutes had elapsed when Michael Hopkins took advantage of a gap in the Larks' defence. The Larks responded vigorously: Jamie Lyons launched a cross towards the box, and after a shot pinged off the bar Josh was on hand to steer the ball home from close range and level the scores.

As the Larks continued to dominate play, another cross from captain Jamie found Josh again, who turned and blasted home from the edge of the area to give the Larks the advantage at half-time.

A walk and a lark

When the suspect wakes up, however, the two agents engage in a brutal fist fight with him, in which Walker showcases his brute strength and fighting prowess. Despite his and Hunt's efforts, however, the suspect is not defeated until he is fatally shot by Ilsa. Later in the film, it is revealed that Walker is John Lark himself, and that he has been working in the CIA as a double agent in order to frame Hunt and further the Apostles' goal of killing a third of the world's population using the plutonium bombs in order to dismantle the current state of systematic corruption, and replace it with anarchism.

When Hunt and the IMF suspect that Walker is the leader of the Apostles, they organized a plan, unbeknownst to him, to expose him by having Benji Dunn pose as Solomon Lane, and Hunley to neutralize him. The task force reveal themselves as members of The Apostles, and assist in Walker's prompt escape. Walker murders Alan Hunley during his escape, and is in turn pursued by Hunt, whom he is able to just barely evade via helicopter and by threatening his wife Julia's life.

During the film's climax, Walker faces Hunt one last time during a lengthy sequence in which Hunt boards and hijacks one of two helicopters and pursues Walker, who attempts to kill him using a machine gun. At some point during the aerial chase, the helicopters crash, leaving Walker and Hunt as the sole survivors.

Acidic fluid leaks from the gas tank and sprays onto the right side of Walker's face, leaving him horrendously scarred. Once both he and Hunt have escaped the crashed helicopters, the two engage in a final one-on-one fist fight atop a snowy mountain, as Hunt attempts to steal the detonator for the nuclear devices and Walker attempts to withhold it. The struggle ends with the two of them dangling from a single hook-line from the side of the mountain, in which both men realize that the weight of them both coupled with the helicopter was too great to ensure their survival.

Being quicker to act, Hunt pulls the hook-line down the cliff and the hook impales into Walker's head, instantly killing him and sending his body to the explosion of the helicopter that fell along with him at the bottom of the cliff. August Walker is a tall, muscular and handsome man with blue eyes, black hair and a dark brown mustache. He usually wears a suit and a tie, and sometimes a large coat before changing to casual clothing after being revealed as John Lark. August Walker originally appeared as a younger, but more brutal counterpart to Ethan Hunt who prefers confrontations over subdues.

This was evidenced by the phrase that he is more of a hammer to Ethan's scalpel. He later, however, proved to be a skilled manipulator who fooled everyone while performing his schemes unnoticed. Due to being repeatedly abused by his government, Walker thought the world was to be "saved" and then rejoin Solomon Lane and create the Apostles.

Every employee is different. Their coaching should be, too.

So, although his goal just like Lane's was to orchestrate a massive terrorist attack that would destroy the world, Walker wanted to see the world come together to train in the fight against the attacks, which, he said, would bring peace. Lane, for his part, was acting purely for the sake of committing crimes. Walker was also remarkable for being generally calm, polite and friendly even after revealing his true colors.

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Walker, like Nils Delbruuk , appears to process extreme anti-religious views, based on fact that in the second half of his manifesto, he blames religion as being one of the major causes of the world's problems and sufferings. Walker was known to be a master hand-to-hand combatant as he displayed excellent boxing and grappling technique in his fighting style, which revolves around utilizing his physical prowess efficiently.