e-book Alone & Married: Memoirs of a lonely housewife

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Alone & Married: Memoirs of a Lonely Housewife

No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Had high hopes. Verified Purchase. I expected a book of more proper grammatical content.

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I felt like I was reading a bad essay from an 8th grade English class. While the content itself was somewhat understandable, it was presented on a very elementary level. Dialogues, conversations, and quotations were not properly cited, which is very important to me. I am very early in my reading and am not sure if I will even finish this book.

I will not purchase any more books written by this author. I did not get my money's worth. This is a great book.

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All women can relate to it some way. Being married is not easy, but how are you going to deal with it if things change. If you like sex, love, and drama you should get this book. Go to Amazon. I have given up all legal interest in our property and finances so that hopefully she will not be financially wiped out by my illness. I know I've been devotedly loved by her for over 25 years and when she is ready, I want her to share her love with someone who can enjoy their time with her, as I have enjoyed my time with her. I've had a perfect wife for well over 20 years.

When she feels the time is right I want her to proceed on the next part of her journey. I've been greatly blessed. Istuscany, I wish the best for you. I am lucky that I had to foresight and presence of mind to share my wishes with my family, for my family, while still of sound mind. Hopefully others will read this and perhaps it will help them do what they see as best for their own families. ConcernedDonn Mar When my husband had his accident 20 years ago, one of his doctors told me I would go through the same feelings a woman who divorces has but different.

I thought of those I knew who had divorced, U did experience much the same. Gos Bless. I have been in similar situation going on 21 years now. He has a 'can do' attitude to life. NO ONE can understand anyone's situation unless they experience themselves. I am very honest but never flaunt.

I have had a couple outside relationships over the years, lasting years with his Blessings. I want for my husband to have a complete Relationship just as I want that. I don't tell everything but if asked, always honest. His sole purpose in life seems to make me happy. It is very complicated, especially to those who don't or can't understand. We have many good times but without others to enjoy with, the 2 of us, while we are a couple.. We aren't. I, too, have sought answers from professionals. A Psychiatrist suggested buying 2 homes next door to one another. I could deal with no sex if only we could touch.

It is only on my side, not his, which gives me more guilt. Oskigirl Mar I absolutely feel for you. One observation: I don't think you give women enough credit. There are likely women out there within the appropriate age range who could be supportive and understanding and don't "need" to be married. You know your wife best to know what she would want for you, but if I were in her place, I wouldn't want you to be lonely and sad. It may be hard to find the right person, but she's out there. Bravebear Mar Hello Istuscany, I was where you are for 23 years!

My husband started his MS symptoms the day after our wedding. We were in the hospital before the honeymoon. He became total care by the 3rd year which meant all the ADLs were up to me alone. For the first 12 years I was completely on my own to care for him. I promised him I'd never put him in a nursing home. I kept that promise and he died very young at I want you to know that I get exactly where you are and that I decided to do something different.

I stayed with my beloved, we got on with living together. We did everything that non wheelchair people do but from the wheelchair. It was work for me, hard work and I know you understand how very hard that is. He stopped talking at around year 13 and was not able to move his own body not even his head. For the time he could move better he did many things from the wheelchair and we were happy!

Feeling lonely and alone is a natural response.

For me, it wasn't that often because he was with me. I wonder, if you could stay home and care for your beloved wife and become her main care giver with respite help if that would be a surprising wonderful thing. Care giving is not for the faint of heart. I know I was called to care for my Davey, and He was worth every day I gave to his care and as his care giver wife. I am not saying it was easy by any stretch, but when he died, I held my head up knowing that his quality of life was excellent.

He laughed all the time, mumbled thank you too many times to count, and gave himself to me in ways that only someone in the same situation could understand. I know, if I had the choice of putting him in a care facility, going on with life without him and thinking about my own happiness alone, I would become even more unhappy. We all make our choices, but I pray you will step back and look at the opportunity you are missing out on by having your wife by your side, no matter what her body and brain are doing. I sure wish I could meet you face to face and tell you my life story with Davey, it was the hardest, most rewarding and best decision I ever made.

Time creeps on when you focus on self too much, and it flies by when you are focusing on someone else. I never thought I would have a happy life with my spouse having MS, but all things considered, I really did! Invisible Mar Arleeda, I loved your optimistic response and road map!

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I agree with SueC Please try with all your heart to enjoy what you can in your life. Please don't bow to the sanctimonious. They are only that way to hurt others. I'm going to respond before I read the other comments. Your letter hits home and I am very sympathetic to you because you have spent so very much of your life looking after the needs of others in your extended family who have leaned on you. I feel so sad for equal loss of life for your wife and the life you should have had together.

I am also in my 60s and wondering when it is my turn. My burden is less than yours and it is my choice out of love; nonetheless, it is also time that I will not get back. It seems unfair. I miss normal conversation and wonder if I will ever feel free again or go straight into a life restricted by future physical ailments. I'm female, and while I would lend an ear to a male friend undergoing a difficult time, I would never consider being intimate or jeopardizing a marriage under any circumstances.

I have faith that God plays a hand in this and this is my assignment. I'll do my best. Meanwhile, there are things I could be doing to increase my network of friends and I am entitled to some help and respite. This is just the way I choose for my self. Tbone52 Mar In part. But I understand the loneliness you feel and the burden MS has placed on you.

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My husband has had MS for 36 years. I say do whatever you feel is right without hurting anyone. No guilt just regret. No one knows what this journey is like until they actually do it.