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As infants and young children we are totally dependent on others to meet our most basic needs. Getting the attention and care they need gives babies and young children a sense of trust in the world — and in themselves. Their dependency and need to trust also makes children vulnerable to manipulation, exploitation and abuse by adults, teenagers and other children. Those are betrayals of trust too.

The long-term effects of child sexual abuse

Trust can be undermined even more if a child tries to speak up but is not listened to, or not believed. Children learn that important people in their lives cannot be trusted to have their best interests at heart. Such messages deeply harm the ability to trust. It may feel impossible to trust others enough to let down your guard. In this way children who have been abused, exploited or otherwise harmed by trusted adults can find themselves cycling back and forth between having no trust and being too trusting. This pattern can continue into adulthood, with each new betrayal feeding into the cycle.

If you were young when it happened, you may not have understood what was happening and may have believed it was your fault. This can be especially true for unwanted or abusive sexual experiences, but children tend to blame themselves for any harmful things that adults, especially their parents, have done to them. Or maybe a sexual experience happened with someone who pretended it was something you wanted, who said it was something good, who said one thing while doing another, or otherwise undermined your ability to trust your own perceptions and instincts. Cutting off from your body and feelings like this can begin to happen automatically, with all intense experiences — even good ones, like doing fun things with friends or being sexual with someone you love.

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    Effects of CSA on the Victim

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