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Checks showed that no cargo was being carried on the journey. Instead cargo space had. Singapore police said that syndicates based m Taiwan, Hongkong and Thailand are smuggling Chinese illegals using fishing boats and cargo vessels through these routes: Directly from China to Hawaii and. Many reports of trafficking of Chinese nationals last year CHINESE illegal immigrants have been making news over the past year for trying to sneak into a number of countries.

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Recent press reports indicate that many commercial ships, most of them Taiwanese vessels, have been dropping off hundreds of mainland Chinese. Dr Ahmad Mattar, the Minister for the Environment, said that if left unchecked, these. This is important if we are to keep our society stable. In Kirn Seng ward, 34 senior citizens on the public assistance scheme were given hongbao and.

Used T-shirts? The speciality T-shirt boutique, Mix The Shop, is offering a The dogs should be humanely put down before there is another attack. Only 1 in 10 Sana volunteers make the grade or stay on David Miller By Shortage also faced by other self-help bodies ABOUT 9, people who applied to become volunteer aftercare officers for ex-drug addicts did not stay with the programme. They either did not make the grade or dropped. Floating house proves a winner on the river THEY did not count on winning.

The team, from the Institute of Technical Education, who called themselves The Drifters, wanted to show. A private party for faithful clients of Elvis Place, a pub m Duxton Hill, was held that night to celebrate what would.

Blanks and thunderf lashes will be used. Military exercises involving the army and. Or you may have some views to express. Call us at , the tolllll. Take advantage of the Save Your they have to be tested to be believed. Skin Week to discover absolutely free You can receive exclusive facial of charge, the incredible advances products, free skin examination and made m skincare treatments from free trial service at Bella Facial only. Bella Facial Care. Key Topics: The Importance of. The process will be highly disorienting. Their reform drive has been dependent. A: What we have seen as a natural evolution is the first of four less populous societies driven, by high discipline and.

Mr Panetta, on the other hand, is intellectually sharp, inquisitive and daring. It would be.

I agree wholeheartedly that it is high time that policy makers and nursing leaders take positive steps m that direction. The nursing profession everywhere has. As an occupational therapist, I would like to stress the importance of the role. Must hour coffeeshops be so close to homes? The noise created by hour coffeeshops is a matter of grave concern and should be looked into seriously. First, may I ask, why are coffeeshops and large. European elegance. Japanese reliability. The year-old top Laser sailor.

The 49ers held off the. Clarence Weatherspoon served up 23 points and Hersey Hawkins added 22 to hand the Bulls their. Eastern conference Atlantic IMvision w l per gb Knicks 19 It is now looking for sponsors towards this project.

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Van Almsick, who shattered the m record on Saturday, clocked Earlier report Page Fifth seed Arbi, 21, attacked remorselessly to clinch his first international title. He initially had trouble. The English teenager, who only turned professional last June, now only needs to take three frames when he plays former world. Klinsmann, who raised his tally. Attendance: 23, Blackburn Wimbledon 0. Coventry Nottm Koreat 1 Woan Crystal Palace Everton 2. Haynes c Healy b Reiffel 36 B. Lara c Healy b Whitney 10 R. Richardson c S. Waugh b Reiffel 1 C.

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Acknowledgements, Condolences, In Memoriam and Requiems received after office hours will be for publication the day after. For enquiries, please call office hours. For assistance, you. The key things I expect from my players are discipline, unity and a lot of hard work. Third seed Becker beat his old adversary and top seed Stefan Edberg , m. The two-time wet-going winner proved just at home on top of the ground with a tearaway win. My Star was withdrawn at the barriers when found to be lame near fore.

Johari Gold Bell II reported that. Third-round birdie winner? Former world champion Salonen, who had been third m his Citroen, was not hurt but. Jon Drummond, of the United States, won the race m a time of 6. Boxer dies of brain damage A Japanese professional boxer has died of brain damage after being knocked out m a bout last month, newspapers reported yesterday. Yasuji Hamakawa, a year-old lightweight, died m hospital last Thursday without regaining consciousness after being floored twice m the seventh round of an eightround.

Chemwoiywo completed the 8,metre course m 23min 20sec with compatriot Ismael Kirui five seconds behind and James Kariuki third m But the Finance Ministry, which fears a tax reduction. But Mr Cho Soon, governor. The liquidators, the accountancy firm of Touche Ross, have asked for a court hearing m London tomorrow for permission to arrange. But this may not necessarily be a bad thing for Europe. Trading m financial instruments such as interest.

Gloomier forecast for Australia SYDNEY The Australian government is about to receive a report on the economy by its main economic adviser which will downgrade estimates for economic growth and increase forecasts for unemployment, the Sydney Mornine Herald said. The report by the Joint Economic Forecasting Group estimated that quarterly. A leading newspaper, the Joong-ang Daily News, said on Saturday that sluggish exports and. O5 billion Guangdong trades with countries and areas,. The statement said the government had made the changes with immediate effect by. Fall in airline seat occupancy BRUSSELS European airlines are facing a serious decline m occupancy rates for European flights, which fell below 50 per cent m November for the first time m at least 15 years.

Dublin has been a challenge ever since Ireland cut its tax rate to 10 per cent for insurance firms which would set up shop in Dublin's docklands before and employ at least 10 workers. But the tax break ends in Mr Rod admits that the Grand Duchy may have lost some key prospective customers to the Irish capital, and Luxembourg applications have waned slightly. But he says that there is no serious threat from Dublin, adding: 'They consider us much more as competition than we do them'. He feels the establishment of Europe's single market has secured Luxembourg's position on the insurance map.

As insurers seek to attract customers around the European continent, he predicts that they will opt for a branch in Luxembourg with a multilingual staff able to market products in various countries. He says that some British insurers are considering forming subsidiaries in Luxembourg, because marketing to the rest of Europe might be easier if it's not 'too British'.

Insurers from several EC states are forming joint ventures to win business their national regulations will not allow - or simply to win a not-so-domestic image palatable to foreign customers, Mr Rod says.