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Re:osCommerce, bad for developers Score: 3 , Insightful. What I ended up doing was writing a bit that would inject item info from my layout and database into the OSC one once a person added the item to their cart. Not real elegant, but it works well. The frustrating bit is that OSC is hands-down the best open cart program I've seen. Ugh, tell me about it. I work at a fulfillment house that ships products for ecommerce folks, and one customer had their site setup with oscommerce.

Too bad I didn't take the time to write a module to do that, so now its code mods everytime it gets changed Re:osCommerce, bad for developers Score: 2 , Insightful. I know what you mean! Because of the fact there is no separation between PHP code and layout, it is a case of traversing through nearly 50 jumbled files and manually changing many lines. While dense there's a lot of code , it's easy to understand for someone willing to spend time working with it. Or for people who want to turn functionality on and off at whim.

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Or for people who can code, but don't want to s. Zen Cart Score: 2. The best thing to do is opt for the fork, Zen Cart [zencart.

Re:Zen Cart Score: 2. Warts on warts. Unfortunately, switching to ZenCart won't make your maintenance life any easier, although if it has the features you want, it's not bad. My main complaint about ZenCart is how much useless crap there is in it that hardly anyone will ever use. The ZenCart developers are supposedly working on a rewrite; having learned in the crucible of OSCommerce, perhaps they will in fact produce a nice clean replacement.

How to install osCommerce – An online store-management software

I'm looking forward to s. The rewrites aren't extensive. I've diffed them. There's lots of extra stuff heaped on, but that's not a rewrite - that's a barnacle. Barnacles can be useful, but they're not the same thing as a rewrite. Like I said, I'm looking forward to seeing the actual rewrite the zen dev guys are talking about. Horrific code in the front and back ends. I could go on but I'd be sick. Interchange Score: 3 , Informative.

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  5. It has a bit of a learning curve, but is so much more powerfull and flexible that it puts any other OSS eCommerce package to shame. And therefore has many issues when you try to do more advanced types of layout and flow. Re:Interchange Score: 1. Mod parent up. Interchange is a very powerful solution, but like the parent said: steep learning curve! We had a contractor in at work for our Interchange project, and you might like to consider that option too.

    osCommerce review: in a nutshell

    Re:Interchange Score: 2. Interchange is a steller OSS package. Doesn't get much press, but by far the best "free" one out there. I used Interchange to set up an ecommerce site for my employer www. Since then it has become our internal wholesale order entry interface, tied together our accounting system and CRM software, and become our business reporting suite and warehouse application. Unfortunately, the reasons why it is so powerful are the same reasons why it has a high learning curve and a lot of people get turned off of using it.

    I think Interchange also lacks a good "community", so unless you're up to the steep learning curve or want to PAY the dev team to do it for you, well, this is why people choose OSC. What language is interchange written in? What databases does it support? Searched all over their homepage.

    Lovely demo, but nothing on language or database support anywhere. First sentence on the about page Re:Interchange Score: 2 , Interesting. I agree tht OSC is not the best solution. What I disagree upon is your take on the "better" solution. IMHO, cubecart [cubecart. Re:Dumping Interchange Score: 3 , Insightful. As a Perl programmer, I tried Interchange before osCommerce.

    I found Interchange difficult and slow to work with, often making it more difficult to customize than writing code from scratch. See the details I wrote about What's wrong with Interchange [stosberg. That's been awhile ago. Maybe it has grown into something I'd like better. After hours of tinkering.

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    I decided to go with a paid solution. I have been using Sunshop [turnkeywebtools. You've got to be kidding me Score: 3 , Informative. I'm sure they the OSC devs are a well meaning bunch, but if you ever want an example of spaghetti code, go download the source and book a week off. If you even consider using it, well good luck with altering the codebase in any significant way - you'll almost literally need it. Believe it or not and contrary to the general Slashdot line , with PHP5. Link To The Software? This sounds pretty useful.

    Stolen Child

    However, the article only seems to give a link to a book. How about a link to the actual software please? Re:Link To The Software? Somehow I had my settings set to show no comments, and thought no one had posted any comments yet. Looks like someone else already did post the URL to osCommerce. Score: 4 , Funny. Maybe the name of the app joined with ". Would you like me to wipe your ass, too? I run osC and I hate it Score: 4 , Informative. Instead, it has been more of a pain than it's worth. A store with no ability to do coupon codes?

    Without massive modification, which can't easily be done if your store is already running I find it loses orders sometimes I've never gotten shipping to work right - hard to do shipping cost per item with different items having different costs per country or even, just North America v. International, per item. Admin panel navigation is Generally it's just inflexible, even with all the plugins you can put in. I was able to get coupon codes up and running in less than a day on my heavily modified site. Shipping is nowhere near as complicated as it is for other sites.