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But there is more truth than poetry to the claims.

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And while they stem primarily from Dr. Sweeney's fight against H. And the value of condoms goes far beyond disease prevention. Recent studies have proved that their consistent and correct use provides excellent protection against unwanted pregnancy, with no advance preparation required. In other words, you get double value for your money. Sweeney and Ms. Grisman recount the many proven advantages of condoms, both for contraception and disease prevention.

Condoms are ready when you are. It's easy to keep them nearby for the moment they're needed. Condoms are 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy if used from start to finish every time you have sex. The contraceptive effect of condoms is limited to the time of use.

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Fertility returns as soon as you stop using them. Condoms, again if used properly and consistently, greatly reduce the risk of acquiring most sexually transmitted diseases, including H. The newest study shows that condoms can prevent infection by human papillomaviruses that cause cervical cancer. Another recent study showed that among women already infected with H.

Condoms reduce disease risk during vaginal, oral and anal sex. Unlike oral contraceptives, condoms are safe even if you smoke.

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And they do not cause weight gain. And unlike IUD's, condoms do not cause heavy menstrual bleeding. Condoms are not messy, like spermicidal creams and jellies.

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Condoms need not disrupt sexual spontaneity. Rather, they can be easily incorporated into foreplay. Condoms are inexpensive, require no prescription and are readily available in pharmacies and other retail venues.

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And condoms can be used safely and effectively at any age, from the teens to the golden years, with no risk of harmful side effects. Many people harbor misconceptions about condoms. The modern latex condom, the only kind that can prevent transmission of H. Sweeney says, "For all those guys who posture and rant about the pleasure that condoms deprive them of, I have this question: Have you ever had an orgasm worth dying for?

Another major misconception concerns the condom's ability to prevent pregnancy.

As typically used, condoms are associated with a pregnancy rate of 15 percent, which, as one expert put it, "suggests suboptimal use. View all New York Times newsletters. This expert, Dr.

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Anita L. Nelson of the University of California, Los Angeles, said, "Pregnancy rates with correct and consistent condom use are only 2 percent. So why this discrepancy? And why is protection against sexually transmitted diseases less than what experts say it should be? Absence of Consistency. A study of sexually active women by Dr. Nelson published in April in The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reported common impediments to the consistent use of condoms.

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The women were provided with free condoms and detailed information and demonstrations about how they should be used. Nearly 44 percent of the women reported inconsistent condom use, with the least consistent use among those who were most sexually active. Thinking they were not at risk of pregnancy was the most common reason, followed by running out of condoms, disliking condoms, using withdrawal for contraception and forgetting.

Nelson suspects that because information about condom use depends on self-reporting based on recall, it "can overstate actual condom use, so that consistent condom use may be even less than reported.

Justice urged the young women in the audience to be their best selves. I was proud and humbled to be a part of such elegance, distinction and positivity.

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