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Diese Theorie ist Foucault entlehnt:. Niemand stellt in Frage, dass das Bewusstsein eines Menschen stark vom sozialen Kontext beeinflusst wird, in dem es sich entwickelt. Ganz einfach gesagt, ich kann es nicht. Um noch einmal Butler zu zitieren:. Kein Wunder, dass die Menschen von all dem verwirrt sind Auf keinen Fall! Wir lieben die Kinder des Clans.

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Sie sind Knochen von unserem Knochen und Fleisch von unserem Fleisch. One also considers the 75 or so anarcho-communists who protested against the Libya intervention at Hamburg in March under the banner: "Yes to the revolt, No to the intervention". Needless to say, they established a brigade right on the spot and travelled to Libya to show practical support to the people of Benghazi facing extermination, no?

One also discovers that small Trotskyite sects such as the Sparticist League in Australia likewise opposed "imperialist" intervention in East Timor i. For some apparently tyrants, on the other hand, being the "sovereign state" actors can engage in some "national self-determination" and ask for help from whomever they want note the Stalinist slippage from national self-determination to state sovereignty. Just to make it clear - it is fine for the Assad regime, for example, to bring in foreign fighters from Iran and receive billions of dollars worth of artillery, tanks, helicopters, and fighter planes from Russia - that is not "foreign intervention" of course - but it is completely wrong for the Syrian rebels to receive modest support in the form of non-lethal military aid, including communications equipment and medical supplies.

Under the guise of the "sovereign state" they blithely overlook the extensive terrorist activities of a regime against its own population. How often does it need to be stated? Where this does not exist, and the oppressed people rise up - at great risk to themselves - they have every right in the world to ask for political and military assistance, even from "imperialist powers".

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It is insulting to the extreme that suggest that they are pseudo-revolutionaries , just because they have deviated from some armchair revolutionary's idea of what is the "right" path for a revolution to take, or that they are insufficiently intelligent to understand that those who intervene will ask for their due. For those who haven't abdicated their internationalism there is the realisation of the increasing and pressing concerns of universal rights that transcend state borders, of the global environment that transcends state borders - all of which which JA Hobson described as early in as "inter-imperialism", and Karl Liebknecht described in as "trustification", and which Karl Kautsky coined the term "Ultraimperialismus" in , and most comprehensively by Immanuel Wallerstein's world-systems theory.

Capitalism can indeed be a world system, and even as an international liberal capitalism - and this will most certainly be an advance on regional despotisms, no matter how independent.

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But even such an advanced stage of capitalism cannot provide a worldwide stateless commonwealth that is a free association of producers. Commenting on this Page will be automatically closed on October 1, Gaddafi ruled Libya for 42 years between and Gaddafi was removed from power during a popular rebellion in In the first part, I will explain the background of the situation in Libya throughout different times, in order to give the rule of Gaddafi a background. Then I will address the claims of Veljko Radulovic, whose answer fetched 1.

Misinformed individuals like him only serve to spread misinformation and praise a ruler most Libyans would rather have been without. During his year rule, there were many phases that were passed, each of which changed the conditions for the average Libyan. Since this year history was unusually eventful, I will split this into 4 parts: the s, the s, the s and the s. The s started when Gaddafi was in his first year of power.

As a Nasserist himself, he initially wanted to cede power to Gamal Abdelnasser of Egypt, in order to create another Pan-Arab union after the previous one had failed.


Due to its deterioration of relations with the West, it started to arm itself rapidly, starting a buying spree that spanned to the s, and buying more equipment than could be theoretically be manned by the entire population of military age. The ensuing war had American and French planes pounding the dis-organised Libyan Army, which had a strength of 15, men, eventually killing 5, of them.

They only managed to capture one town before being chewed up and spat out by the Egyptian Army. Jena , Weimar Republic. See also: Asian origin of modern humans. Further information: Recapitulation theory. The standard author abbreviation Haeckel is used to indicate this person as the author when citing a botanical name. Berlin, Germany : Georg Reimer. From p. Berlin, Germany : G. Haeckel noted that species constantly evolved into new species that seemed to retain few consistent features among themselves and therefore few features that distinguished them as a group "a self-contained unity".

Diese Summe nennen wir Stamm Phylon.

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We name this aggregate [a] Stamm [i. In the sixth book, we will have to establish the outline of this "phylogeny" or history of the evolution of the organic phyla groups or "types". Character des Protistenreiches. Character of the kingdom of Protists. Morphologischer Character des Protistenreiches. Morphological character of the kingdom of protists. Character of the protist Individualities. The essential tectological character of protists lies in the very incomplete formation and differentiation of individuality generally, however particularly of those of the second order, the organs.

Very many protists never rise above the morphological level of individuals of the first order or plastids. Theory Biosci. Retrieved 25 March His name was Ernst Heinrich Phillip August, and he was destined to become one of the most influential and controversial thinkers of his time.

Was Hitler a Darwinian? No! No! No!

Martini Bremen" [Pastor of St. Martini Church, Bremen, Germany]. In Schmidt, Heinrich ed. Deutscher Monistenbund.

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Leipzig: Verlag Unesma. The Open Court. Open Court Publishing Company. Image of p. Secularism and religion in nineteenth-century Germany. The rise of the fourth confession. Cambridge University Press, , p.

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  7. Shapiro , ed. The Yale Book of Quotations. Yale University Press. There is no doubt that the course and character of the feared "European War" The Darwinian Revolution. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

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    4. Review , 77, pp. They quote Haeckel as saying "If [recapitulation] was always complete, it would be a very easy task to construct whole phylogeny on the basis of ontogeny. But in a great majority of animals, including man, this is not possible because the infinitely varied conditions of existence have led the embryonic forms themselves to be changed and to partly lose their original condition Haeckel, pp. Encyclopedia of Life Sciences. International Journal of Developmental Biology.