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To add another Neil Gaiman to the mix, Coraline is deliciously creepy! Coraline is my Halloween Costume inspiration this year! Eerie, but not scary, in my book. It was not creepy or scary.

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The character development was non existent. There were characters who once I turned the page I forgot existed. It was horrid and no one should have to suffer through reading it. Do not understand all the hype about this book. Solid list. Thanks for the great list! The House of Stairs by William Sleator…. One of the first sort of dystopian creepy books I read as a young person. It definitely held up when I reread it as an adult!! The creepiest book I can remember reading is The Mothman Prophecies.

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My boyfriend at the time was sleeping next to me and I was still legitimately freaked out. Which one do you, or any of her other fans, recommend starting with? Especially one that you know is good in audio format? Thank you. Laura, I agree.

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  4. Pour lamnistie (La Malle aux trésors) (French Edition).
  5. Vergleichende Interpretation der Werke Lösung von Karin Kiwus und Erster Verlust von J. W. v. Goethe (German Edition).

I just read The Woman in White last month after discovering it sitting on my shelf for way too many years. It was fabulous and I zipped through it. The Woman in White is one of my all-time favorite books…just loved it! The Woman in White was so so good. I noticed that on Audible.

45 seriously spooky (but not quite scary) books

I am going to try it out!! Also, The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper was a page-turner, very suspenseful. I like Tara French and agree Into the Woods was scary one of her best. And it features a serial killer. However I loved the thoughtfulness and beauty the author used to when dealing with the subject of grief.

I really loved that book as well…from all aspects. The gripping scene where the sister is in his house I believe was on the edge. Hated The Road! It still makes me ill to think of several scenes. It was very much horror to me. One of those books you can return to again and again. This is the book that got me hooked on Gaiman. Too much! We went tent camping recently and I did not sleep, which means I cannot watch Dateline on Friday nights either.

Always fun to go through the list of recommended books. I love this list! Spooky, atmospheric reads are so crucial this time of year.

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  • I just posted a list of my faves and upcoming reads on my blog yesterday. Atmospheric, spooky, but not gory or scary. Anything else by Neil Gaiman could go on this list! Coraline is meant for kids but always leaves me feeling chilled. His YA Abarat series are also incredible!! And illustrated!!! Definitely creepy, but not horror. More surreal, psychological, historical fiction. I totally agree about Clive Barker. Weaveworld was an amazing read. Also, Imajica! Wow, what a novel, even after all these years I still remember it. Incredible imagery. What a writer.

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    • Fascinating and creepy. Even an HSP like me loved it! Very creepy to read, especially while considering the global situations now. I love this book — it gives me chills and I can read and reread getting something different from it each time. Also Everlost by Neal Shusterman was a good creepy book. Great list! I checked it out from my library on Hoopla and Dan Stevens in the narrator. I also highly recommend The Strange Case of Dr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson. And Then There Were None is a long time fav: it spooked me when I first read it in junior high and it spooks me now.

      Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman is seriously spooky.

      The Jekyll Revelation by Robert Masello goes back and forth between two stories linking a current-day environmentalist and Robert Louis Stevenson. Loved it! I felt that as a true reader I needed to be able to read at least one Christie book! It was worth it! I read it in a couple days. It was short, fun, exciting, and funny! Then, staple cards from a deck all around the paper collar, layering them for a fanned-out effect. There's something fun about being young and trying to age yourself forty or more years in the future.

      Show up to the party looking like you're ready for bed, so that you can crash as soon as you get home. Best costume ever. Upcycle an old black umbrella into a seriously impressive bat costume. Just cut your umbrella in half and use black safety pins or hot glue to attach it to the arms of a black hoodie. Fasten the hinges of the metal umbrella pieces with black electrical tape to help them properly fold.

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      Create ears with foam core and feathers for a little extra texture! Good news: This impressive costume is easier than it looks. To make, blow up long, pink balloons and attach them by the knot to a pink shirt with a safety pin. For even more detail, create a crown with pipe cleaners and felt, and decorate with plastic fish.

      Wear this meme-inspired costume to your Halloween party to really see who's hip and cool. And if people don't get it, just tell 'em that you're Kermit the Frog. That works, too. Since your puns are out of this world get it? Another pun costume that'll steal the show: Add some school — er, ceiling — cheer with this sweatshirt and poster combo.

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      Don't forget your pom poms! And no, you don't have to stand like this all night. Luckily, this easy-t0-make costume isn't nearly as prickly as the real thing Even though E. For a PG version, pick up some grey paint swatches — maybe 50 shades? Even if your Betty or Veronica already has a costume planned for the night, it doesn't mean you can't rock this costume solo.

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