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I truly could not put them down. Please support our local author and check her out. Lynn Hubbard. You will not be disapointed! The first has a deaf heroine, one has a clumsy hero, etc. Shifters and the series involves siblings and pack mates so you can catch up on former couples but each stands alone I believe. Luke and Monica will have to face the secrets from their past, the ones that terrify them the most, if they are to have a future together.

I read this book in one day and it was so good that my Facebook status the next day was that I read it and recommend it to everyone. It is so suspenseful that you are on the edge of your seat the entire time and the romantic parts are a great combination of sweet and sexy. Great read!!! First: Never trust a shifter. Smart, sexy, and stubborn as hell, Emily brings out the alpha male in Colin, unleashing a wild, heady desire that takes them both over the edge.

The British spy is not blonde, built, and confused. She drives a car the colour of bile and is obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When opposites attract, they are screwed three ways from Sunday. She has friends, a career and a double-D-powered vibrator. Sometimes you just need a good romance with a great laugh and a woman not afraid to give her man Heck…. Unfortunately, her success at killing these alien freaks puts her on their most wanted list and lands her in a prison cell. Her roommate? A very hungry vampire. I also love Linda Mooney all her books are auto buys for me my favorite is Heart Fast a little something about the book:.

They were the Guardians, sixteen special men and women with incredible powers who had sworn their lives to the protection of their galaxy, while upholding the laws of their world.

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It was a world that, eons ago, had suffered a devastating plague that had rendered more than half its population unable to reproduce. As a result, in order to assure the survival of their species, the HandFast law was enacted. Every month, twenty couples were drawn by lottery. Couples whose sole purpose would then be procreation, the continuation of the species. For the length of one year, two complete strangers would follow the edicts of the HandFast, until the woman conceived. Once that was accomplished, the couple was no longer bound to each other, and they could go their separate ways while the child was given to a couple unable to bear children.

However, the Guardians were exempt from having their names drawn in the lottery.

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The very nature of their jobs, risking their lives day in and day out to protect their galaxy, precluded any thought of bearing children. Which was why, when StarLight and Master Hunter heard their names called out to be HandFasted, their neat, orderly lives were turned upside-down. Gone was the brother-sister working relationship and the friendship. And things would only get more complicated and dangerous. Because their names had been deliberately placed on the lottery, and the drawing had not been a fluke.

Instead, it was the first step in destroying their world and every Guardian living. Try Leah Brooke on Siren publishing. I love her Desire, Oklahoma series. The men have a strict expectation from each other to protect all women of the town and their relatives as is estaqblished in the first book.

You will see what I mean. But everything written by her has been enjoyable. So check her out! Hi Maya! I am working on my forth. I started my own publishing co to publish them. They are available on kindle format as well as nook, apple and borders. Run into the Wind by Lynn Hubbard is not your usual romance. It introduces Sabrina who is a strong female character who retains her strength throughout the book. After her family is killed her brother tries to control her life. She sneaks away and hides out as a boy. She meets Brock the new Sheriff and torments him so until she accidentally reveals herself.

I did lots and lots of research so everything is historically accurate and oh yeah did I mention it is very very spicy? Not mindless erotic sex but very sensual necessary sex. You can read the prologue at my site: lynnhubbard.

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Leave a comment and say that Maya sent you! A lot of the authors I read have been mentioned. I recently came across a newly published author by the name of Keri Ford. I really liked her writing style and the story felt fresh. Her first novella, Through the Wall, was published in December. Here is the blurb:.

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What used to make her blush now has her reaching for her vibrator. But when Stephanie digs up the courage to ask Parker for something a little exciting and spicy, he nervously rejects her. No commitment. Parker knows he could never be satisfied with having Stephanie temporarily.

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But as she continues to tempt him and he finds it harder to resist, he begins to think short-term might be better than nothing at all. Unless he can convince her into more. Book 1 is Desire for Three. With her fortieth birthday approaching and a bad marriage behind her, Jessica Tyler wants a fresh start. Marriage left her an emotionless shell and she vows never to get involved with a man again.

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Giving in to her sister, Jesse agrees to visit her in Desire, Oklahoma. But Desire is a small town unlike any other. Yanked from her protective shell, threatened by her ex, Jesse is determined to stay strong, even as her two formidable lovers are intent on possessing her. Will her independence be smothered or will love give her the strength to change all three of their lives forever?

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Of course, such men would have very strong ideas of what they want and how to get it. Those who are Doms or want a menage relationship may want to live where such things were the norm. Actually the whole series is great. I love this type of book, and this one is one of best. My favorite books, of course are yours, you are an awesome writer.

I also enjoy Lora Leigh, Jaci Burton, and so many others. They are about two firefighter brothers stories of love and danger. In Hot As Sin, Sam has to help an old flame find her sister, while trying to keep Dianna, his past love, safe from the danger following them and his passion. In Never Too Hot, Connor, a wounded firefighter, goes to the mountains of the Adirondakes to rebuild the family cabin. When he gets there, there is a women, Ginger, who is there because she was burned by a different kind of fire.

I hope you find something good and enjoy the reading, because I know that I do.