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Do you notice things that make your symptoms worse?

Introducing: Shadow Ghost

How can you manage those situations so they can be avoided or be less stressful? Stress makes everything worse. Are you getting enough sleep?

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Not getting enough sleep especially for days at a time can indicate that you're experiencing other mental health problems, like bipolar disorder. Getting treatment: With treatment, early signs of psychosis can be resolved.

Ghost Shadows

Take a comprehensive approach to getting better. Someone can help you with school, work, family life, medications, and relationships. This type of treatment is called Coordinated Specialty Care.

Psychosis also responds relatively quickly within a week to medications. If you are interested in getting medication, you want to talk to a doctor to find the right kind of medication treatment. I can't sleep! What is Online Therapy.

Your Place: Ceiling 'ghost shadows' might not need painting

How do I get a service animal? Getting the Most out of Therapy.

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First Name. Paintings is based in part on the enigmatic idea of the Jungian theory of the shadow.

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This series of paintings is based in part on the enigmatic idea of the Jungian theory of the shadow, that is, shadow as an enigma of perceptual existence, and the idea of shadow perceived and signified in the pictorial process. The Ghost Shadow series can best be described as reductive, hard-edge paintings, derived from a painterly process. Each painting has densely built up horizontal color bands of equal size.

PASTEL GHOST /// SHADOWS (Sidewalks and Skeletons Remix)

Graphically, each band holds rich, pure color next to another band, creating color vibration as well as a spatial relationship. This geometric division in thirds lends itself to a purity in balance letting the paintings bold and muted colors play off one another just as in the way light plays off of all things perceived.

The paintings function on many levels from pure flat abstraction or suggestions of landscape, to a pragmatic approach in graphic design and color theory.