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Here, a religion is regarded as a menace to all political systems; therefore it, too, is a kind of political system, perhaps even an ultimate one. The concept of caritas or agape shows up in my writing as the key to the authentic human. The android, which is the unauthentic human, the mere reflex machine, is unable to experience empathy.

In this story it is never clear whether Mercer is an invader from some other world. But he must be; in a sense all religious leaders are I would ask you to read "The Little Black Box" last of all the stories, because it is closer to being my credo than any of the other stories here. As with "Precious Artifact" I asked that it be included.

It is a story about trust. Caritas in the final analysis is emotional trust.

I trust, then, that you will not misread me and see dislike and anger only; please reach out to me at the core below that, the core of love. When the time has come for a superior idea to sweep through human brains, can it be destroyed at the source? Even if eradicated, that source lives on stronger in martyrdom than in life.

Posts: Registered: Jun 28 This sounds like you're referring to the text field overflow indicator. This is displayed when the text exceeds the bounds specified when the fields were created.

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If this is the case, you can turn off the indicator under the Preferences menu in the Forms category or increase the overall size of the text field. Thanks so-o-o-o-o much. I knew it would be simple if I had only known what I was doing. Your suggestion worked like a charm, and now I look like a hero to my boss I did give you the credit though.

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This experience lets me know that while I did OK winging it from scratch, I need to do some reading or take a class. Thanks again! You're the BEST! See how valuable you are? Registered: Aug 4 Posts: 7. I'm not quite as "green" with Acrobat and it's text field overflow indicator as the original poster, but I've created some forms for a client which use a preset font at a specific size and have a question about the related preference setting.

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Font-size is set to force required proportions of text fields on page and char limit can not be enforced since it can result in a value shorter or longer than the field based on individual character widths. Obviously, by default, the overflow indicator appears if more characters than the field can contain are entered, and this indicator plus sign appears on the sheet when printed. Providing instructions on how to manually change this preference by the end user is not an option for this project. Any ideas? There are two options to not show the overflow indicator.

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