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My 4-year-old daughter and I have enjoyed playing Cooking Mama. So, when the opportunity presented itself to review the new Babysitting Mama for the Nintendo Wii , I couldn't pass it up. The game comes with a plush baby that a Wii remote is stuck into.

The game primarily uses the nunchuck for most mini-games.

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Bright colors and cute animation is used. The game starts with one baby, and goes through several series of mini-games to earn points, medals, and additional babies. Most of the mini-games were difficult for the younger girls. One mini-game that had stumped me giving the baby milk , was easy for the year-old after a second attempt. The two younger girls still enjoyed playing even if they didn't do well at the games. Any games that use the baby involve rocking or patting the baby.

The nunchuk is used for a majority of the games, and can be awkward to handle when it is attached to a baby. The 'tween enjoyed unlocking new things, playing new mini-games, and getting better scores on games she had already played.

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The two younger girls liked the interaction with the baby while watching Mama. I played through several of the mini-game series and started finding them repetitive. After a while I was content watching the other girls play. Message: Two positive messages I took away from playing this game. The first one is prominent in all of the games.

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Even if you don't do well, Mama will fix it, or you will do better next time. Everything is positive and happy. The other message is more serious, and one kids should respect especially if they have little brothers or sisters: be gentle and don't shake the baby. Though, my daughter was an instant fan of the baby because it is made from a really soft fabric. I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle?

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Read reviews that mention make mistakes judith viorst older sister sometimes even cream cheese totally the messiest mama says super-completely and totally year old black and white always right alexander books little boy read this book sophie was kind kids love read great like olivia love this book great book. Showing of 53 reviews.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. It was helpful for my six-year-old with an Format: Paperback Verified Purchase. Another winner from Judith Viorst, this book is a delight. It was helpful for my six-year-old with an active imagination.

We enjoyed reading it together and talking about the fact that there none of the scary things in the title. It didn't solve all of our problems but it did help her get to bed on her own several nights. Beyond that, it is just a lovely book. I read this book to my 3 boys back when they were and loved the little story. I had hoped they'd remember it and they DID! They are now Yes, "sometimes even Mamma's make mistakes.

The books were in perfect shape, a very reasonable pricing and exactly what I wanted..

21 Black Mama Sayings That We All Grew Up Hearing

Thanks so very much!!! We've constantly read this book at the library, but have never found it to buy until now. Completely in line with Judith Viorst's "Alexander" books. Repetitive, suspenseful books from the kids' perspective - my 5yr old girl is nuts about this book!

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Weird book. My year old loves it. Gentle approach to monsters when kids crave scary stuff. Pro-mommy message. Mommy approved. This is one of our favorite books. It's so fun. My daughter is 22 and we still talk about it. It's one of our favorite books to give as a gift. I loved reading this book as a kid and I love reading it to my kid. Viorst so perfectly captures a kid's voice. I think some might find the subject matter a little scary but I think Viorst takes the fear away. I love the message that mamas are not perfect and the end message that at least sometimes we get things right. And Kay Chorao's illustrations are some of my favorite ever.

I purchased this book specifically because my daughter has sensory issues with exaggerated fears of the dark and monsters. It was a bit helpful in trying to assuage her fears but it really didn't calm her down and had to read the story to her a few times. I was a bit disappointed but my daughter brings up the story when she has her bad days dealing with this type of fear. The drawings in the book didn't really help her and at times had the opposite affect and frightened her.

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She did respond to the premise that there were other children with the same sort of fears she has of going to sleep and the dark. For my daughter, she thinks she is the only one to have these kinds of issues. I did appreciate that the book was able to make her realize she is not alone with her fears. I got this book for my daughter to read to her children.

I read it to my kiddos and they are in their thirties. It was one of their favs I know it was mine. Really really cute relatable story for all.