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Certainly not unusual for someone in law enforcement to turn crime writer, but Marco was the only one doing it in the YA field.

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After a year and a half of touring Marco had been compiling ideas for a follow up to Matthew Livingston and The Prison of Souls. In book 2 in the series was released. When a maniacal killer holds a town hostage with cryptic threats after killing a political candidate, Matthew runs headlong into a mystery where failure is not an option.

Through and through Marco Conelli has delivered a series that continues to thrill young readers while inspiring their imaginations.

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In Marco was included in the Code Crime Anthology. Okay pal, bedtime for you. The next time you want to review a book have your school teacher spot check your work.

Anonymous More than 1 year ago The only mystery here is how a book can be so stilted and so simplistic at the same time. Sherlock Holmes meets Mystery Inc. None of it works. On the positive side, it's more useful than waterboarding as a form of torture.

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Almost anything other than this! Guest More than 1 year ago This is a special one.

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Matthew Livingston, high school senior smart guy. Not interested in popularity but driven by intense measures to get to the bottom of anything that is macarbe. Dennis Sommers, the teller of the tale is a lot like Holmes' Watson in this dark mystery bathed in real possibilities. The crew is rounded out by Sandra Small, possibly the most fun of the bunch and qualities that would get Nancy Drew to take notice. Guest More than 1 year ago This is IT!!!! Forget socery and media driven trends. Matthew Livingston is the real deal. I fell in love with this book and can not wait for further mysteries from this guy. This is the future of youngsters making a difference. I found this book on a search engine looking for teen mysteries and I was blown away. Matthew Livingston is the wierdest yet coolest teen detective you will ever come across.


His shortness with friend and main character Dennis Sommers is mistaken for rude cockiness while it is his sheer confidence in his ability. The other character that rounds out the trio is Sandra Small, who for my money could put Nancy Drew to the test. One thing I can tell you is this is a dark mystery that gets real creepy, real fast. There is no disapointment in this one and I can't wait for book 2 in what promises to be a series. Guest More than 1 year ago I was sick of Hogwarts and Harry! This was a dark mystery that I never saw coming.

Matthew Livingston is a strange high schooler whose methods of crime solving will not be denied. Sandra Small is a brave school mate who is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. Dennis Sommers is the journalist to be, who can't get a good story until he recruits Matthew to catch a thief. The plotting and planning in this book was my favorite. All and all it was a great story with some great characters.

Matthew Livingston and the prison of souls

This had better be a series!!!! Guest More than 1 year ago I've never written a review before, but I was really blown away by this book which I came upon somewhat by accident and couldn't put down. I'm a professional writer and a diehard mystery reader who cut my teeth on Nancy Drew adventures, so I'm usually disappointed.

I instantly liked the main character, Dennis, a sweet, self-deprecating high-schooler and, you get the feeling, a late-bloomer who'll someday run a company, if not the world who's carrying around a few extra pounds and the kind of normal teen insecurities that will probably have kids immediately identifying with him.

He plays a sort of 'Watson' to the brilliant, somewhat enigmatic title character Matthew Livingston's 'Sherlock,' and it's fun to watch this odd pair solve a crime together with the help of a nicely non-stereotypical fellow student named Sandra. Oh, and the story has a feel of real authenticity to it. One negative: The bolding of certain seemingly haphazardly chosen words and phrases throughout is distracting.

But all in all, this is a great read. Related Searches.

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