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Students can vary the number of layers in the star to see how the number of interactions and the total length of the photon's journey vary in response. They can also shoot a pulse of up to a thousand photons all at once to see how the original spike diffuses out in an extended period of time. Another set of simulations illustrates the transfer of radiation and the formation of spectral lines in the atmospheres of stars.

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In these programs, student can investigate the random nature of absorption processes, noting that photons whose energies correspond to electronic transitions of the atom seldom travel straight through a gas of those atoms. Students can experiment to see how many "line" photons make it through undeflected, as opposed to "continuum" photons, which travel straight through most of the time. They can experiment with samples of different gases. Most stars are much farther away. Astronomers talk about light-years. A light-year is the distance light travels in one year.

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What gases are inside you? SUN: Ah, you want to know what gives me that special glow! These light gases stay close to me because of my massive gravity. By turning hydrogen into helium, I create lots of energy. It makes me shine.

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SUN : sigh No, those dark splotches are called sunspots. All normal stars have them. My inner core is even hotter, something like 30,,o F.

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You Earthlings have the strange idea that stars have points. Gravity keeps us shaped like spheres.

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Climate Change. Maybe ten? How do stars die? Good night.

The previous best August Bank Holiday temperatures before this weekend were T he heatwave could be broken up by thunderstorms this afternoon, the Met Office has warned, as it issued a yellow weather warning for a long strip of Britain. Stretching from north of Aberdeen to London on the east coast, the warning forecasts heavy showers and lightning strikes.

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