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Adam followed suit and did what Satan told him to do instead of obeying God. When he did that, he made Satan his lord. In bowing his knee to Satan, Adam turned over the authority that God had given him.

He made Satan the illegitimate ruler of the earth. From that day on—everything changed.

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With one trespass, death was passed on to all men Romans The earth and everything in it was suddenly cursed and man was separated from God by sin. Sounds unfixable, right? His plan of Redemption was the same as it was for Abel, Moses and Noah—it would be through the shedding of blood. Such great Redemption for all mankind, for eternity, could not be accomplished through the blood of just a goat or ram.

Redemption of this magnitude required a much greater sacrifice—the blood of His Son—Jesus. The greatest thing the blood of Jesus accomplished was this—it washed all your sin away and made you clean and pure—white as snow. From the minute you receive Jesus as Lord of your life, God will not remember any past sin in your life. The best part?

The best thing you can do is joyfully accept this free gift. The curse is death, sin, sickness, disease, poverty, lack, depression—anything bad you can think of. When you think of fellowship, you likely think of time spent over coffee at a Bible study, or time spent enjoying the company of friends. Fellowship is closeness—a friendship. Before Adam fell in the Garden of Eden, he had enjoyed friendship and fellowship with God. When you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you declare that you want to receive His fellowship and friendship, and the door is opened for you to enjoy it!

Because of the power of the blood of Jesus, you can come boldly into the presence of God.

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The blood of Jesus builds a mighty wall between sin and believers who have been made the righteousness of God through Jesus 2 Corinthians Another word for fellowship is communion. One way we recognize that the blood provided for fellowship with God is through the taking of Communion.

You are a friend of God John ! When you take Communion, do you think of healing? Praise God for it!

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He bore spiritual torment for our sins, mental distress for our worry, care, sorrow and fear, as well as physical pain for our sickness and disease. The stripes He bore and the blood He shed were for our healing. By His stripes we are healed. God gave everything He had to redeem mankind from the curse. When we apply the blood of Jesus, and receive its power, we need to remember to apply it in its fullness. If you fail to understand and receive the full power of the blood, you will be missing out.

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As he died, he kept insisting for us to "be positive," but it's hard without him. I was like omg so horrible! Paramedics use o- for emergencies since it's the universal blood type plus paramedics don't carry blood on the ambulance they carry fluids to circulate the blood flow. Reading the title made me remember I can't remember my own Bloodtype. I should remedy that. I know, I was legit bothered and sad and then I was like OH wait lol.

I only noticed there sub after 3 comments, all I could think of was wtf is wrong with people? By the Blood Lyrics I see my demons at night They whisper in my ear They say everything will be alright Burn with me, don't you feel no fear!


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