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Wamuwi Mbao To donate or translate contact Pieter Odendaal. The project is rooted in the Department of English at Stellenbosch University. Since our inception, we have gradually built up public literary-cultural platforms, both in the digital and analogue spheres. We believe that these platforms are an essential tool for those writers and performers that work at the creative edges of an emerging democracy. We therefore see ourselves as creating much-needed discursive platforms where creative literary practices can be shared and engaged with, where writers and performers can serve as mirrors for society.

Our activities can roughly be divided into three constituent parts: our website, slipnet. Each platform caters to a different audience, though these audiences are not mutually exclusive, continuously cross-pollinating each other.

Words Gone Sideways

Our website designed by the Huemor web development agency slips sideways into the South African literary landscape, hand-picking texts to review, issues to blog about, videos and podcasts to share and events to cover. In short, we see ourselves as idiosyncratic curators of information relating to SA books and culture , opening up new possibilities of reading and writing, new lines of imaginative flight. SLiPnet also hosts the hugely popular Poetry Project , a monthly online writing workshop which develops voices from all walks of life.

The development of critical writing skills is another crucial component of our website.

Postgraduate students from the English Departments of Stellenbosch and Cape Town are mentored to produce reflective texts for publication. Furthermore, collaborations with aspiring writers and commentators are welcomed and actively encouraged.

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Our monthly InZync poetry sessions in Kayamandi have proven to be successful beyond our wildest expectations. The sessions provide wonderful opportunities for cross-transfusions between spoken-word, hip hop and page poetry, and between the various languages and cultures which grace our stage. The InZync sessions have decisively broken down language and race barriers the very obstacles which so perniciously taint the history of Stellenbosch by becoming a hotspot for transgressive literary-cultural engagement.

Our audience is decisively intercultural and we have established a regular InZync crowd which is about people strong and includes everyone from locals from Kayamandi to Stellenbosch students and international visitors. Lastly, our workshops for young high-school writers expose learners to the transformative potential of reading and writing, while developing their critical and creative writing skills.

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We host free fortnightly workshops for our INKcredibles poets from the Stellenbosch area. Furthermore, we also offer poetry and performance workshop-packages to high schools around the Cape, using the proceeds to ensure the sustainability of SLiP.

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For more info on inviting us to your school , contact Adrian van Wyk at adrian slipnet. A boertjie born in Pretoria who grew up in Bloem and graduated at Stellenbosch. His life's trajectory resembles the Groot Trek in reverse. Even the rivers can get out of control like three-year-olds.

Barriers can only do so much. Houses connect to the land. The sight of so much water throws them. First, it floats away the welcome mat. Then it moves into the first floor, rises toward the second. People can only scramble up to their rooftops and watch cars washed away, trees uprooted, streets flooded, animals drowned, crops destroyed. They just react to circumstances. Eventually, the sun comes out.

The water recedes. Time to inspect the damage. Yourself is a good place to start. John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident. My playful political calculus— our poetic populist policy—yr cheeky centrist drift Poking holes in the bow of a once buoyant boy-meets-girl relation ship. Calling the port authority! Sirens full on! Full lung!

Flung into the eye of the magnetic majority—a precious power vacuum A sweltering bewildering caused by the bloom of yr wild moon. I know nothing of this urgent you speak of; I know nothing of this insurgence you reek of; my aim is true like Elvis my love is loyal like Jesus the rest is on Us nothing is foe free. There will always be a version of you, that knits me like a glove Sadly, you cannot compare notes with a ghost. Kristopher William Locke is a poet born, raised and situated in the Canadian prairies with experience in various mediums including radio, print, web and stage.

Readers are invited to join him on the peaks and valleys that exist within, and despite, the flat prairie landscape of his homeland. Need sees her seek food and water, where she can.

Slip Sideways and Other Poems

Ravenous aches gnaw deep underground, trick her near-defeated self to think, this is all there ever is, or evermore can be, for me. Rhizomes — a continuously growing horizontal underground stem which puts out lateral shoots. Ceinwen lives in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, and writes short stories and poetry.

She has been widely published in web magazines and in print anthologies.

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Salt filled air, heavy with humidity, holding it all together, like a water heater blanket. She has published over 80 individual works of poetry, nonfiction and fiction in various literary magazines and journals. Her latest publication is a cookbook, Cooking with the Smiths. In addition to three micro-chapbooks all published by the Origami Poems Project , Felix has been published in numerous outlets and magazines and has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Is a shipwreck on a sea bed. I hold your hand I hold your heart I squeeze it rhythmically beating, beating your blood my blood flowing through our veins. If I am to save you I must become one cease to be me your hand, mine my heart, yours your mind my mind your soul my soul. The sea was home as much as our island ground. We dived with the dolphins and flew into air with the winged stingray.

Were we children or fish? Our mothers laughed and searched for our fins. How could there ever be too much water? Or not enough coral?


The boardwalk is lost. Even the stars are on walkabout, constellations that pointed the way to fishermen, now part of a ruined map.