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The test is a measure of just one component of reading comprehension, since vocabulary is one of many factors that characterize reading comprehension. Paragraph comprehension tests the ability to obtain information from written material.

Students read different types of passages of varying lengths and respond to questions based on information presented in each passage. Concepts include identifying stated and reworded facts, determining a sequence of events, drawing conclusions, identifying main ideas, determining the author's purpose and tone, and identifying style and technique.

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Nations are political and military units, but they are not necessarily the most important units in economic life, nor are they very much alike in any economic sense. All that nations really have in common is the political aspect of their sovereignty. Indeed, the failure of national governments to control economic forces suggests that nations are irrelevant to promoting economic success. Mathematics knowledge tests the ability to solve problems by applying knowledge of mathematical concepts and applications.

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The problems focus on concepts and algorithms, and involve number theory, numeration, algebraic operations and equations, geometry, measurement and probability. Mathematics knowledge is one factor that characterizes mathematics comprehension; it also assesses logical thinking.

Electronics information tests understanding of electrical currents, circuits, devices and systems. Electronics information topics include electrical circuits, electrical and electronic systems, electrical currents, electrical tools, symbols, devices and materials.

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Auto and shop information tests aptitude for automotive maintenance and repair, and wood and metal shop practices. The test covers several areas commonly included in most high school auto and shop courses, such as automotive components, automotive systems, automotive tools, troubleshooting and repair, shop tools, building materials, and building and construction procedures.

  • Prosecuting International Crimes and Human Rights Abuses Committed Against Children: Leading International Court Cases.
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  • Où va le monde? Considérations philosophiques sur lorganisation sociale de demain (French Edition).

Mechanical comprehension tests the understanding of principles of mechanical devices, structural support and properties of materials. Mechanical comprehension topics include simple machines, compound machines, mechanical motion and fluid dynamics. What simple machine magnifies effort when the handle of this corkscrew is pulled up?

Assembling objects tests the ability to determine how an object will look when its parts are put together.


Which figure best shows how the objects in the left box will appear if they are put together? X Tap to Close What can we help you find? Page 1. Main Menu ESC x. Cadet Paige Herbst. Educator Resources Request Information Faqs. Petty Officer 3rd Class Brandon Abdallah. Petty Officer 2nd Class Cody Greer.

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As military historian Russell Weigley wrote, "The soldier's battle of Normandy was about to become the generals' battle of France. Chapter 3 : Breakout and Encirclement July 25 -August 25, Chapter 5: The Siegfried Line October Skip to content. Study guides written for use with Citizen Soldiers, and linked lesson plans. These study guides concentrate on the contrasts and similarities between the military and homefront cultures of the Allies and Axis nations.