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When all are assembled, conclude with a spoken prayer to God, since this song is a call to pray and feast rather than a prayer itself. For example, 1 Lord Jesus, you said that wherever two or three are gathered together, you are with them. Open our eyes to see you at this table, 3 so that we might more easily see you when we leave it.

Prayer and the Family Meal

Be present at our table, Lord; be here and everywhere adored; these mercies bless, and grant that we may strengthened for thy service be. The first three lines constitute the Appeal: be present, be adored, bless this food. Of course, the Lord is always present at our tables—a more accurate prayer might be to ask that we be made more keenly aware of it. But the key feature of this prayer is the last line—the Aspiration—and its distinctly Calvinist flavor. We ask God to bless the food in order that we might be strengthened for ministries of service.

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An easy harmony line can be sung a third down throughout this piece. Expanding the ecumenical circle points us to a final lesson we learn when we pray in church: our connection with the whole body of Christ, which includes family, friends, neighbors, strangers, Reformed, Presbyterian, Methodist—and more.

After all, our prayers in worship are the prayers of the whole church on behalf of the whole world.

Prayer for Family Mealtime - Daily Prayers - Prayer before Meals

This Mexican table grace is a wonderful way to sing in solidarity with them—the extended family of God—and to pray for the God-hunger endemic to our own culture. Sing the song through twice. If accompanied, play the parenthetical chords the second time through. Donate to Reformed Worship.

Thanksgiving Prayers for Family - Beautiful Blessings

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RW Family -- Religious life. Intergenerational worship. Donate to Reformed Worship Submit an Article. Current Issue. Digital Library Log into the Digital Library here. Enewsletter Sign Up Sign up to receive a monthly email for seasonal worship resources, latest blogs, and more. You can read the notes as part of your table blessing prayer. Every year, the president of the United States issues a Thanksgiving proclamation. Encourage family members or guests to write brief notes on each place mat about why they are thankful for that particular person.

Young children can be encouraged to draw pictures, too. This idea takes some advance planning. Keep a list or journal of all that your family is thankful for, incorporating the process into your family meal or prayer time. Then incorporate the list into your Thanksgiving meal prayer.

There are many ways to make a gratitude mural that can double as decoration for your Thanksgiving meal:.

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Do we make giving thanks to the Lord a regular part of our routine? Check out Gretchen R.

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Book of Blessings Christ taught that care of the poor was essential to Christian life—in fact, essential for entering the Kingdom of Heaven Luke ; Matthew , and countless saints have made care of the poor the center of their ministry. Alternatively, volunteer to serve a Thanksgiving meal at your local church or charity watch local media for locations and times of free Thanksgiving dinners …or just show up and join the crowd. Tell your kids the story of the role of Catholics in the first American Thanksgiving.

Did you know, for instance, that the first Thanksgiving on American soil was celebrated not by the Pilgrims, but by Spanish Catholics? Also the second Thanksgiving.

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