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Answers 1 Discuss. These episodes of fasting took place during periods of mourning after the death of a loved one. The mourners wanted to devote themselves to mourning, not eating. In this case, Jesus was not dead.

In Jerusalem, the occupation arrests the bridegroom and guests with a wedding

Mourning, suitable on other occasions, was not called for at this time. They also included 24 young men who were invited to the interrogation center. The arrest followed an Israeli incitation at the wedding ceremony last week. The bride is the daughter of Jerusalemite martyr Mesbah Abu Sbeih and the bridegroom is a prisoner of liberation. The first Israeli channel broadcast a television report that included footage of the wedding ceremony, in which the green banners were raised.

The young Jerusalemite Iman Abu Sbeih is still waiting to free the body of her father Mesbah, who has been held in the refrigerators of the occupation for more than two years after his death in an armed clash with elements of the Israeli special units known as "Alisam" in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem. The bride and groom prefer not to talk about the wedding or comment on recent arrests.

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The Jerusalem activist Khadija Khois recalls how the interrogator was planning to spoil the bride's joy, and how he had promised during one interrogation session to imprison the bridegroom when he addressed the daughter of the martyr until his fiancee forgot it.

Unpleasant joy And passed the faith of secondary examinations last year, and was associated with the young Jerusalemites apprehended Rami Fakhouri, and dreamed of other young women as a quiet life, but the occupation authorities did not give her and her husband long, and arrested her bridegroom in an ambush near his home in the neighborhood of Wad al-Joz in Jerusalem to snatch their joy in their wedding, Only weeks.

For his part, said the Jerusalemite Murad Murad al-Zaghari, who was released on the evening of the first Monday that he stayed five days in the cells of Muskobiya because he revived the ceremony, the occupation forces arrested him from his home in the neighborhood of Ras al-Amud in Jerusalem, "barbaric way" and was taken to the interrogation center blindfolded and cable Hands and began to interrogate him for five hours continuously during which he showed videos of the wedding and questioned in detail.

I have denied the charge because I am a Palestinian artist who has been working in this field for 17 years.

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People know that I share all their joys of political affiliations and sing popular Palestinian songs and others that people like to hear. Today I am in a position to hold on to every word. Accounting throat His throat, which has resonated with dozens of songs and perhaps hundreds, is being sought by the occupation authorities to curtail or silence them with his latest arrest, which he spoke about at length for Al Jazeera Net.

Al-Zaghari said that part of the singing in concerts is improvised and focuses on the local conditions of the Palestinian people, such as high fuel prices, late salaries, the prisoners' hunger strike, the demolition of houses, and some improvised thoughts in Fakhouri's wedding. Al-Zoghari was incited against him personally after receiving a call from an Israeli journalist who asked him to express his opinion in the TV report.

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During interrogation, the interrogator checked the videos and asked the same questions to the caller: What do you mean by that word? The interrogator repeatedly commented on the joy of my guests and their interaction with me, and I told him that I wanted to make people happy, not because I wanted to direct them to certain ideas. Al-Manshid left Al-Maskoubiya prison for three days and the rest of the guests, including the father of the bridegroom Rami Al-Fakhouri.

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The arrest of the groom and three other defendants, according to their lawyer Khalid Zbarqa, was extended by raising the flags and signs of banned organizations and placing their logo on their brow. The interrogators also referred to the father of the detained captive bride Mesbah Abu Sbeih, who had a share of some of the wedding songs as well as the original Palestinian folklore, But they considered that the singing sympathy and sympathy with the lamp and what he did.

They signed the marriage papers and then had a flash wedding party at a hotel in Buri Ram. After the party, the groom took off.

Ms Fon, 27, a relative of the bride from Prakhon Chai district, said neither she nor other relatives knew anything about the man. They later received invitations to the wedding party in May. The party was lavish, Ms Fon confirmed. Everyone thought the groom must be wealthy. She later learned the man refused to foot the bill for the party, and left.

Fon said she felt sorry for Da and the man should accept responsibility for the cost of the wedding. Social media on Thursday widely shared photos of the self-proclaimed billionaire. Amarin TV interviewed a man, identified only as Nueng, who said he had a mushroom farm and had also been deceived by the so-called billionaire, who ordered mushrooms for sale in Lam Luk Ka district of Pathum Thani.

Initially, the man paid on time, but later delayed payments, Mr Nueng said. He had delivered mushrooms to the man at a vending stall at Lam Luk Ka market.