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It's not surprising that some still clutch to hollow Earth theory because, for many, the modern theories have a religious theme connected to them. In these theories, it is typically put forward that the Lost Tribes of Israel inhabit the hollow Earth.

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An author by the name of Rodney Cluff wrote in his book Our Living Hollow Earth that the tribes were taken to the hollow Earth that is where, luckily enough, heaven and hell are also located. In order to understand his ideas a little better, I gave Cluff a call.

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He told me that he came to the theory as a young man when he was introduced to a book by Raymond Bernard called The Hollow Earth. This set Cluff off on a journey of analyzing "scientific, spiritual, and historical evidence" from which he believes he found proof that Earth and most bodies in space are hollow.

Furthermore, Cluff believes, without any doubt, that there is another sun in the center of Earth and there are people who inhabit Earth's core. It's not easy being a hollow Earth theorist—according to Cluff, the numbers of true believers have been slowly going down. This most likely comes from the fact that conspiracy theories have become plentiful as of late. While the hollow Earth has the old school vibe—few theories can battle its longevity—it's just as not as sexy or timely as some of the conspiracies you'll find on, say, Infowars.

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Who wants to search for an internal world when you can rally against a president setting up FEMA death camps in parking lots, or try to expose a child sex—trafficking ring that is being run out of the basement of a DC pizzeria? There exists no real place for hollow Earth theorists to organize and recruit as they don't have massive forums on the subject—they've been left behind by time. Cluff told me that the group typically talks to one another through emails and that they do have a presence on YouTube. However, when the group wanders into forums like Godlike Productions or other conspiracy sites, it can have trouble playing well with others.

The group members are often made fun of by people who subscribe to cooler theories yes, if you were wondering, there is a hierarchy among conspiracy theories. To cap it off, there exists some friction with the flat-Earthers, who have become hot as hell as of late , because each theory makes the other redundant. I don't like making fun of people. Cluff told me that he has either seen evidence or talked to more than ten people who have made their way to the inner Earth—this includes a German U-boat operator and an admiral who flew his plane into a polar opening into the hollow Earth.

Cluff hasn't been inside, but that's not for lack of trying. For centuries, intrepid hollow Earth theorists have been looking for entrances to the center—some even claiming they've made it. This is a quest that is ongoing to this day.

The Hollow Earth Is Filled With Giants, Germans, and A Little Sun

The most prominent of the modern-day journey was the proposed "Voyage to the Hollow Earth," which was set to take place in He traveled, lectured -- even engaged Edgar Allan Poe as an ally. Hollow Earth remained alive and well, flitting between literature and pseudoscience. Baudelaire was interested. Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs made hay with the idea.

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By the time I was reading about Hollow Earth in Amazing Stories Magazine, the idea was pretty well limited to science fiction. But the impulse to believe Anything-Strange is, alas, intact.

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And, this year, that impulse has had quite a season indeed. I'm John Lienhard, at the University of Houston, where we're interested in the way inventive minds work. Google "Hollow Earth" and you'll find countless contemporary advocates. See, e. Click here for audio of Episode Lienhard Click here for audio of Episode Theme music D.

My thanks to Andrew Lienhard for this source. Right: William Reed's published image from Howgate had recently been in the news, proposing that an expedition be made to discover "Symmes' Hole. They were to observe the animals that presumably wintered over within the earth each year and emerged during the spring to bear young. Eventually, the colony of men were to follow the animals in the fall to find where they entered into that marvelous land at the center of the earth. Sadly for this romantic concept, if today's believers are correct, the only thing that they would find there now are flying saucers.

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