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With Love's Manifesto , Williamson and Harvey join forces to explore the nature of universal love, to help us discover it within ourselves and encourage it in others.

EARTH ELEMENTS- Be Clear on Your Visual Manifesto with Love

In alternating sessions, these two luminary teachers first show us how to heal the wounds of the past and nurture self-compassion at the felt level of the body. From this foundation, we learn how this sacred force awakens our creativity, clarity of vision, and empathy—to enrich our relationships, invite inner and outer abundance, and create a shift in the world. Rumi wrote: "Each moment, from all sides, rushes to us the call of love.

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Filled with a wealth of meditations, prayers, practices, and insights, Love's Manifesto shows us how to shift into this new paradigm, experience love fully in all its forms, and become co-creators at the side of the divine. The great mystery of love What love can do Our true self is love Love and its shadow Living love Love in action Our journey to enlightenment Sacred activism. Please wait Very moving and must be listened to many times.

A Manifesto for Love

I have read both authors books before, but driving and listening to them share insights to love is both challenging and much needed food to go out to the world with an OPEN HEART. I purchased the CD set for my birthday and a very useful present it is.

Recommend this resource to all who wish to live with an open heart and DO love. I appreciate most the personal examples especially Andrew Harvey shares so movingly.

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Posted on October 10, Refresh and try again. You pull yourself out of the enjoyment of it, the excitement of it, the meaning, no Each one houses one or more families with their own shades of gray, their own definitions of love, no two exactly alike.

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    We can say that the pretensions of Italian futurism are summarized in the following aspects: The liberation and exaltation of energies; The absolutely passionate reflection of modern life; The exaltation of the Present, the speed and the mechanical forms produced by Human Civilization; The expression of simultaneous soul states in a work of art. It will be […] the very dynamic sensation[…]. Newsletter Por. By clicking on subscribe you accept that your email is only used to send you our newsletter as well as information regarding the activities of Citaliarestauro.