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Add to List. Add to Registry. Her aspirations are mostly for romance, she's waiting for her knight in shining armor. Looking for a sign of what to do, she applies for an executive position, even though it involves lying in her resume. When she thinks she lands the job, it turns out she's just the secretary for a new, young, handsome company transfer.

She thinks he must be the man for her, but then she accidentally kills him. With one murder under her belt, she starts climbing the corporate ladder, but then her real knight in shining armor enters her life - in the form of a homicide detective.

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The emergence of an intricate gang culture with its own traditions, rules, and structures has transformed the act of killing into a ritual, filled with intentional references to sadism and satanism. Videos and stories of these killings, which usually involve a group of laughing gang members gleefully hacking away at the body parts of a victim and removing organs, have paralyzed Salvadoran society, creating a pervasive atmosphere of fear: Anybody can be an informer for a gang, nobody is safe, any street can become a crime scene, anybody can disappear. Public killings are common , accounting for nearly 40 percent of all murders.

The war was brutal and exposed many Salvadorans, particularly children, to horrific violence. Many Salvadorans fled to the United States, and in particular to Los Angeles, where Salvadorans teenagers joined together in ethnic solidarity to protect themselves against other established gangs in the city. Inmates crowd a cell at the Penal Center of Quezaltepeque on Nov. Inmates look out of an overcrowded cell while a prison officer wearing a balaclava to protect his identity stands guard above at the Penal Center of Quezaltepeque on Nov.

Following the end of the civil war in , immigration policies in the United States became more restrictive, and migrants who had been convicted of crimes were sent home, bringing gang culture and violence to an already struggling state. When entering a new neighborhood by car, visitors often have to flash their lights or roll windows down to indicate allegiance to the gang that controls it—or face violence. He had been missing for three days. At his wake, his family said he loved skateboarding, soccer, and the new President Nayib Bukele.

Young people grow up in warlike conditions and are often socialized into the gang, beginning for MS with a second beating.

The ubiquity of violence is devastating to regular psychological development—and this violence is normalized. One widely shared video showed a group of gang members cleaving off the hands of a victim and then playing with the fingers, all while laughing hysterically. The knowledge that the perpetrators are most likely sober, as gang rules often prohibit intoxication, makes it even more terrifying. The two of them had been invited to speak on a panel organized by Tennesseans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty.

They had never heard of one another — or so they had thought. Sabrina giggles. Sabrina had once been notorious in Mississippi, where Cynthia grew up. Arrested in for killing her infant son, Walter, Sabrina swore she was innocent. But a nearly all-white jury sentenced her to die.

The story of Jamal Khashoggi's murder and how the world looked the other way

She was only After her conviction was overturned due to prosecutorial misconduct, however, a second jury acquitted Sabrina in December She was the first woman ever exonerated from death row in the United States. As a staunch supporter of capital punishment, Cynthia had no patience for those who claimed their innocence, let alone death penalty opponents who had no clue about the system in real life.

She did. Her mother, Connie Johnson, was murdered in Tennessee in , when Cynthia was just 7 years old. Her stepfather was sentenced to die for the crime. It radiated beyond her stepfather and toward the world around her. She became a devoted member of pro-death penalty forums, often posting during her overnight shifts as a police dispatcher.

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But in , everything changed. She had planned to confront him with every ounce of anger that had built inside her since she was a child — and she did. But in spite of herself, she also found herself forgiving him. It transformed her whole life. Cynthia felt freer, happier, more present for her own children. A few years later, she gathered up the courage to tell her story publicly for the first time. The response was so positive, she kept telling it.

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After the panel ended that night, Cynthia went to look for Sabrina in the bathroom. But I know you.

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Today, Cynthia and Sabrina tell the story like old friends. Traveling across the state to speak against the death penalty, they have worked out a routine.

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That work has taken on a new urgency recently. By the end of the year, it had killed two more men on death row. Six more people are scheduled to die between this year and The next execution is set for May 16,