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When an active metal such as sodium is placed in contact with liquid water, a violent exothermic heat-producing reaction occurs that releases flaming hydrogen gas. The other alkali metals give similar reactions with water. Less-active metals react slowly with water.

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For example, iron reacts at a negligible rate with liquid water but reacts much more rapidly with superheated steam to form iron oxide and hydrogen gas. Noble metals, such as gold and silver , do not react with water at all.

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Signature properties of water: Their molecular electronic origins

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Introduction Structure of water Liquid water Structures of ice Significance of the structure of liquid water Behaviour and properties Water at high temperatures and pressures Physical properties Chemical properties Acid-base reactions Oxidation-reduction reactions. Load Previous Page.

Water Polarity

Physical properties Water has several important physical properties. Selected physical properties of water molar mass Learn More in these related Britannica articles:.

Cohesion creates surface tension which is why if you fill a spoon with water, drop by drop, the water volume will actually be bigger than the spoon's surface before the water falls off. Here is video showing how a paperclip can ""float"" on water - it's actually being held up by the hydrogen bonds formed between water molecules which give water its surface tension. Adhesion Similar to cohesion, but adhesion is when the hydrogen bonds in water allow for the water molecules to be held to another subtance.

The Properties of Water

This allows for evaporative cooling to occur, which is when heat energy is transferred to water molecules , and evaporating water removes a lot of heat energy from an organism eg. Other important characteristics of water involve it being a universal solvent , along with its unusual density. Water, unlike any other solid-liquid, is more dense in its liquid form than as a solid, which is why ice floats, and this allows for entire habitats to exist underneath layers of ice floating on oceans.

Its neutral pH 7 is also a relevant characteristic.

Signature properties of water: Their molecular electronic origins

What are some examples of properties of water? Samantha C. Aug 22, Video from: Noel Pauller Cohesion Hydrogen bonds hold water molecules together, as seen in the picture above. Video from: Noel Pauller Adhesion Similar to cohesion, but adhesion is when the hydrogen bonds in water allow for the water molecules to be held to another subtance.

The properties of water

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