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Yet, most simply put, if cold fusion did exist, and was readily repeatable, we would not be entering an energy crisis. The best parts are reproduced here:. Lacking any personal or professional background suggesting the existence of chakras, I asked myself what was known about any physical correlate of chakras, and whether chakras were accepted among conventional health scientists as real.

Uniting Science and Spirituality

I performed a literature search in The National Library of Medicine NLM , an enormous searchable database of allied health science literature from all around the world, and in a variety of languages. Directly entering the term chakra, and searching NLM revealed only two articles that had the term chakra in the title both Dutch journal articles from , suggesting, consistent with my medical perspective, that the physical or physiological correlate of chakras is unknown to conventional health scientists.

I then searched my database of NDEs submitted to my web site www. I then queried my NDE co-investigator, Jody Long, who is knowledgeable of, and personally believes in, the reality of chakras. Long had recently reviewed the aforementioned NDE accounts, and could not recall any account describing awareness during any NDE of anything suggesting chakras.

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I do not claim either of our belief systems is superior to the other, but simply point out how differing belief systems make a consensus regarding the integration of science and spirituality difficult. This important concept is not discussed in the book. This conclusion is difficult to accept given our very primitive understanding of dark matter.

Basically, all that is known about dark matter is that it has gravity and does not interact with the known electromagnetic spectrum to allow it to be visualized. A conclusion linking dark matter to other mysterious phenomena seems very premature. This brings up another concern. Relating dark matter to the realm of existence of a variety of phenomena including NDEs is an intriguing hypothesis, but I believe most readers will accept it is only a hypothesis.

We are a long way from proving the validity, or lack thereof, of this hypothesis.

By my perception, Kazanis represents the mystical teachings he is aware of as more reliable than science for the pursuit of spiritual growth. Science is never similarly acknowledged as being of value for spiritual growth. At no point in the book did I encounter the recognition that the mystical teachings Kazanis discusses may need to undergo revision in the future as new understandings are developed.

Yet Kazanis criticizes science for periodically, throughout history, representing its understandings as absolute and complete truth, only to be humbled by the next generation of scientific discovery significantly changing accepted scientific understandings.

Such criticism is certainly legitimate, yet this one-sided criticism of science does not help the difficult process of integrating science and spirituality. A substantial openmindedness and humility by all will be required by all to allow such integration. No single scientific or spiritual discipline has all the answers.

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Kazanis correctly points out that mystics are at least trying to answer some very big and important questions that science cannot. For example, science has very little to offer regarding questions about God, consciousness, and the meaning of life, to name a few. When we know so little about such important questions, it certainly seems reasonable to consider the thousands of years of collective wisdom of other cultures. This book is a good, very brief introduction to such beliefs.

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The concept of dark matter is intriguing and thus this book is recommended reading for those interested in how science and spirituality might be integrated. It is not the intent of this book to discuss NDEs in any depth, and readers interested in such a focus are advised to consider other books. And the meaning of life has long been a subject of objective, secular philosophy. Gainesville, FL. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Looking for books by Deno Kazanis? D, the author of The Reintegration of Science and Spirituality.

Scientific Explanations for. Deno Kazanis, Ph. The recent scientific concept of "dark matter" suggests that we should seriously reconsider the timeless mystical perception of the physical.

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Kazanis has a. Deno Kazanis. Deno Kazanis books. The Reintegration Of Science. Spiritual Science offers an alternative, spiritual view of reality that transcends both With elegance and lucidity, Steve Taylor explains why spiritual science is the only hope The Reintegration of Science and Spirituality. Deno Kazanis Ph D. Click to see the automatic.

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