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This text, outlining a new methodology for the study of human nature, dates from This text, outlining a new methodology for the study of human nature, dates from and was found after Rudolf Steiner's death among his unpublished papers. Steiner had dealt with the same theme earlier in lectures.

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At Home in the Universe. Sally Goddard-Blythe describes the superior role which music can play in alleviating learning difficulties, but she does not make the link to music as a soul experience, or to the spiritual dimension of movement. See The Well Balanced Child , chapters 5 and 6, on music and the overcoming of learning difficulties.

In human beings However, it is possible to merely move physically without participation of the cooperation of the soul-spiritual members of the human being with the etheric body. Then movement takes on a lifeless, mechanical character. In Lecture 6 in Curative Eurythmy , Rudolf Steiner indicates that the etheric body cannot participate in movement which is derived entirely out of the physical body.

Then the movement of the etheric body does not occur and thus is not able to accompany physical movement. This will have serious consequences because the normal human condition of the etheric body mediating between the soul-spiritual human being and the physical organization is then disrupted. Kindergarten teachers can strive to guard the child against this tendency towards mechanical movement by imbuing their own movements with soul and life so that the children are able to absorb these qualities through imitation into their inner experience of movement.

He uses the image of the I being a musician who plays on the instrument of the body. Movement is the music that arises in this process. This picture of the musician describes the soul-spiritual quality of movement well and is a key to the understanding of the mystery of movement.

It is the soul and spirit in the human being who moves the limbs and thus enables the individual signature of a human being to be imprinted onto the body. It is a task and a challenge at the same time to learn to recognize this individual signature in the movement of children.

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In his lectures to teachers Rudolf Steiner also characterizes the soul experience of moving as musical. Here he speaks about not the preconditions of movement but of the consequences of movement for the soul. Steiner states that it is the lawful cosmic movement that creates the most harmonious experience for the soul. The rhythms and forms of the movements of the stars and of the etheric realm of the earth, which are expressed in gestures and movements in order to let archetypal cosmic qualities be experienced by the human soul.

Our purpose is to imitate, to absorb the movement of the world into ourselves through our limbs.

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What do we do then? We dance. All true dancing has arisen from imitating in the limbs the movement carried out by the planets, by other heavenly bodies or by the earth itself. When the limbs execute irregular movements, the soul begins to mumble. When the limbs perform regular movements, it begins to whisper. When the limbs carry out the harmonious cosmic movements of the universe, the soul even begins to sing.

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Thus the outward dancing movement is changed into song and into music within. Study of Man, p. References Goddard Blythe, Sally. Konig, Karl. Spitalny, Stephen. Steiner, Rudolf. The Foundations of Human Experience. New York: Anthroposophic Press, The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and of Humanity. I teach that the single most powerful shift of our time is the revaluing of the Divine feminine.

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The feminine principle, known in Chinese mysticism as yin along with the masculine principle, or yang, create the primal kinesis of life. The feminine principle allows us to receive the compassion and clarity of the Greater Self. In order to enter this new era one must desire to heal the heart.

The heart is the doorway to the Soul or Greater Self.

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When the heart is closed, shut down and defended one loses not only connection to one's own sacredness but to the sacredness of all beings. Life is meant to be lived in a dynamic, ongoing dialogue with all life forms. People live in their heads, feel depressed and blocked, energetically weak, emotionally distressed and cut off from Spirit, humanity, life purpose and their origins in the natural world. Source Continuum is a multi-dimensional form of vibrational healing that I spontaneously awakened to over the 80's and 90's.

It is a universal healing field that carries psycho-spiritual guidance, streams of healing sounds, wisdom teachings, shamanism and grounding transmissions of chi that open the flow of energy in meridians and chakras. From the perspective of Divine wholeness one learns to practice radical self acceptance and release judgment, fear, despair and denial.