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Hover to zoom. Sold Out! Be the first to review. We will let you know when in stock. Thank you for your interest You will be notified when this product will be in stock. I agree to the. Terms and Conditions. How It Works? He pulled up on his modified motorcycle, his girlfriend Evelyn hugging him from behind. He revved the engine more loudly than needed and he pulled into the gate quickly and making a sudden stop.

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He removed the dark helmet that had covered his stern face. Neither looked like the type we usually get in the ministry. They looked, rough. With no emotion, they entered the office and signed up for classes, Julio in welding and mechanics, and Evelyn in Sewing. The first day of class, Julio and Evelyn showed up in similar fashion as before, revved motorcycle and frowns. As I typically do with people who intimidate me or seem tough, I walked right up to him with a smile, stuck out my hand and said welcome. Julio stared me down, then hesitantly took my hand. I smiled bigger. He did not react.

He protested a bit, but complied. Over the next few weeks I observed Julio. He would come out of class during break and instead of running to the cafeteria like the others, he would distance himself, sit alone, or talk with his girlfriend. He sat at the far end of the sidewalk with his cellphone out, hiding from the world. I found out he spoke English, but he would not speak it with me. I found out he had lived in the United States and he seemed bothered I would know something about him. Every advance I gave was counter attacked. I did not give up though; one of my Godly traits has been persistence.

I also decided to do some counter attacking myself. I asked the Cocal board to pray specifically for him too and for us to see what God would do. I started to talk with Julio more and more about Jesus and I befriended him. One evening Julio stayed late after class and we both ended up sitting on the tailgate of the Toyota and talking about life. I shared how amazing God is and all the times that he had shown his amazingness in me, and Julio listened. Then he told me about him, his scars, his wounds, his bitterness and un-forgiveness.

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  • God wants to help you with it. Jesus will take you just as you are with your entire burden and he will help you forgive when you are ready. Some other time. Can I pray for you? If you remember, I wrote about Julio in an update last year because as time passed, Julio lost his job. He struggled to stay in our classes. Evelyn left him, and he discovered he had herniated two discs in his spine that gave him terrible pain.

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    He worried what kind of job he would be able to get in his condition. I joked that he was like pharaoh who wanted the plague of frogs to leave, but when asked to give a time he said tomorrow. Why wait for tomorrow when you can have relieve right away? Julio stood his ground and did not let me pray for him until Wendy, another student, told him her back testimony and how God had healed her with a prayer. When he heard her, he finally said yes, but I did not pray for him. Wendy did.

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    She prayed for him just like Bill had prayed for her and Julio said he felt nothing. But over the next week he said his back seemed better. I offered to pray again for him and he allowed me to. I was also still praying for Julio in secret, breaking down his walls. Then Julio got a new job right before the end-of-semester party that he was sure would not allow him time off to go.

    That week, he texted me saying that he still had not talked with his boss, but that his boss rather had called him to give him the Saturday of the party free. Julio could not believe it.

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    • Unfortunately riots over the elections broke out the week before the party and Julio spent his day off stuck in Choloma, unable to cross the riot lines and get home. Then he disappeared, not from life, but from us. Rina and I went to the states and classes were on break and we did not hear from Julio. February, sign-ups started and we tried to contact Julio but he did not answer.

      Sign-ups closed and he did not return to finish classes. Then mid-semester he showed up! In his monotone voice with little emotion he answered my how are you question. Are you going to take classes?

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      I quit because my boss did not want to pay me and I was working later and later hours. It was exploitation. So what?